jQuery-freeTheCookies released

Last updated: 06 Jan 2014

Recently some countries are requiring websites to warn their users about the use of cookies and asking for permission before using them. Adding this small jQuery plugin to your site will put a banner with function callbacks so that you can wait to set your cookies when the user has given explicit or implicit permission.

It only requires jQuery 1.2+, can be fully customized and handles user interaction without pain.

The way the plugin works by default, it’s aimed to always get permission. Users have the option to stop browsing or use a cookie blocker in their browser. I think this is useful to avoid loosing any useful cookie functionality we may be providing or having to reengineer the site. After all, we aren’t doing anything evil with the cookies, right?

That’s what I’m using in my web sites and I think it can be useful for anyone as an easily pluggable solution.

Check it out at GitHub: jQuery-freeTheCookies

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